Coming to Terms with Your Hearing Loss

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How to Achieve Your Best Hearing Experience



Tuesday September 26 from 7:30 to 9:00pm EST.

Coming to Terms with Your Hearing Loss


Introductory cost of $99.00. Register now!

How much do you know about your hearing loss and are you doing everything you can to give yourself the best possible hearing experience? Based on my own personal experience, I didn’t want anything to do with hearing loss, as I didn’t want to be associated with its negative stereotypes.

But the more you know and understand about your hearing loss, the easier it will be for you to live with it and do things that will improve your ability to understand speech and your general well being.

The goal of this workshop is to accept our hearing loss, demystify the different aspects of hearing loss, and provide techniques to give you the best hearing experience possible. This will make all the difference in living a positive and healthy life with hearing loss.

Come to terms with your hearing loss with this innovative workshop. We know, we’ve been there. Losing your hearing takes a big psychological toll, which can be difficult to deal with.

We can’t promise this workshop will improve your hearing. But we CAN promise you will:

  • Feel better about yourself and living with hearing loss
  • Understand and make good use of hearing technologies like hearing aids, cochlear implants and assistive listening devices, whether you use them now or in the future
  • Learn communication strategies
  • Learn how to advocate for yourself, with just one person or in a group situation

This workshop is for you if you have ever:

  • Felt at a loss because you miss parts of conversations
  • Experienced shame or embarrassment when you ask people to repeat themselves
  • Isolated yourself from social gatherings
  • Avoided joining support organizations for hearing-impaired because “it’s not for me”

So many of us have shared these experiences! It’s time to get beyond them. Your family, friends and co-workers can benefit as well, improving their understanding of your situation and learning how to become better communication partners.

Workshop Program:

  1. Module One: Coming to Terms with Our Hearing Loss
  2. Module Two: Grieving the Loss of Our Hearing
  3. Module Three: Audiograms and How to Read Them
  4. Module Four: Auditory Fatigue and How It Affects Us
  5. Module Five: Understanding Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants
  6. Module Six: Strategies for Best Communications.
  7. Module Seven: Introduction to Auditory and Music Rehabilitation
  8. Module Eight: Assistive Listening Devices and When to Use Them

Program Delivery:

  • Free Introductory Module on Coming to Terms with Your Hearing Loss
  • Six On-Line Modules, 1  1/2 hours each (7 modules total)
  • Delivery conducted through Live Group Texting Chats. NO HEARING REQUIRED.
  • Key program content provided by PowerPoint slides.

All you need is a personal computer, Wi-Fi connection and basic computer skills. Neatness and spelling don’t count.

Contact Pat for Questions and Booking

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