“What people are saying…”

“Your philosophy needs to be screamed from the roof-tops – it is so important!” ~Bob W.


“I love your idea – to wear our hearing devices with pride rather than shame”. ~Joan H.


“My hearing loss was always something to be ashamed of. After hearing your presentation that has changed!” ~Mary B.


“I was on a campaign to try and hide my hearing devices while you’re looking for jewels and diamonds to show them off. You really helped me to think differently”. ~Susan E.

“You really are a game changer. Now instead of thinking that people are thinking less of me because of my hearing loss, I try and wear it with pride”. ~Ernest M.


“Keep shouting the positive and one day I hope to see you on the red carpet with a Tiffany jeweled Cochlear Implant, and the envy of all the stars!” ~Dana F.


“Your Hearing Loss Revolution will be a life goal for me”. ~Cathy S.