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Ahrens Hearing Aid Center, Cathi and Dan Berke

Hearing aids or cochlear implants, those words conjure up thoughts of a device that you wear and as a result, hear better. However, this is only half true as there are many variables that come into play. Because of the nature of hearing loss and how our bodies actually hear (with our brains, not our ears) simply wearing these devices may not compensate fully in all environments. Assistive listening devices can bridge the gap between the results you get form hearing aids or cochlear implants alone, and the results you expect.

ALD’s as they are called, can be anything from a captioning or amplified telephone, a remote microphone, or a loop system installed in a venue (and many more.) Unfortunately, these “extra help” items can be overlooked by hearing healthcare professionals and customers alike. This often results in the hearing impaired person simply not being aware of the additional help available. Consequently, life experiences are hindered when they do not necessarily need to be.

The hearing impaired come to our office for help hearing (communicating) better and being aware of these devices, how they can be useful, and making them available makes a big difference in overall satisfaction. This knowledge is power, for the professional and the customer. Hearing healthcare professionals are able to provide the very best care possible and the customer is able to hear to the best of their ability – everybody wins!   

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