Coming to grips with your hearing loss; How to achieve your best hearing experience

dr-ross-oct-2016Twenty years ago my hearing loss was already in the moderate-to-severe range. I used hearing aids but I still struggled to hear. That’s when my friend Beth, a social worker in a school specializing in hearing loss, mentioned that there were tools and organizations that could help me navigate my hearing loss with greater ease. But since I wanted as little to do with my hearing loss as possible, my reaction was to ignore her suggestion.

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Travels with Hearing Loss: Auditory Fatigue

img_5373By the time you read this, I’ll be back home from an epic road trip I took driving from Anchorage, AK to Madison, NJ with Cobb, the wonder hearing service dog! A trip like that is always filled with experiences and adventures and believe me, I had my fair share of them. What I didn’t anticipate was learning something about my hearing that I knew intuitively but not consciously.

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Travels with Hearing Loss: Japan II

IMG_4776 (1)

Yukio Sato




Zennancho, the Japanese equivalent of the Hearing Loss Association of America, was already familiar with the Hearing Loss Revolution and its Nine Guiding Principles. So when they found out that I was coming to Japan, they asked me to give a presentation on it. I was delighted but wondered how I’d manage to get my ideas across to an audience of native Japanese speakers who don’t hear well.Continue reading

Travels with Hearing Loss: Japan


Roger and his daughter Sena


Sensoji Buddhist temple in Asakusa area of Tokyo.

Recently, I took a three-week trip to Japan to visit my nephew, his Japanese wife and their two children. I figured this trip would offer another set of hearing-loss adventures, like the ones I experienced during my trip to Alaska in the summer of 2015, when I camped out in the wilderness accompanied only by my dog. (See blog on my trip  here and here and here.)

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Deaf Gain

Is a cup half empty or half full? If a cup has no liquid in it, is it empty or is it just filled with something else – usually air? Could we apply this to hearing loss?

Because our hearing ability deviates from the average population, does that necessarily mean that it should only be defined as a loss? Could we also acknowledge the positives that we’ve gained because we can’t hear in the average range?

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Engine Trouble for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is always a challenge for people with hearing loss, and in my case, I knew I was in for it. There would be at least 25 people there, including siblings, teenagers, toddlers, nieces and nephews from near and far, and at least one 8-week-old infant.

I anticipated a noisy, challenging situation that would be the dictionary definition of “difficult to hear.” So I laid out my hearing technology strategy:

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