Tips for Better Hearing

Hearing Tips for People with Hearing Loss

• Tell others that you have a hearing loss

• Tell others how best to talk to you

• Anticipate difficult situations and plan how to minimize them

• Pay attention

• Concentrate on the speaker

• Look for visual clues

• Ask for written clues if needed

• Don’t interrupt

• Let conversation flow awhile to gain more meaning

• React • Let the speaker know how well they are doing

• Don’t bluff

• Admit when you don’t understand to prevent miscommunication

• If too tired to concentrate, ask for discussion later


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                                                            Tips for Hearing People

• Face audience directly

• Spotlight your face (no backlighting)

• Avoid noisy backgrounds • Get attention first before speaking

• Ask how you can facilitate communication

• Don’t shout

• Speak clearly, at a moderate pace

• Don’t hide your mouth, chew gum, or smoke while talking

• Re-phrase if you are not understood

• Use facial expressions, gestures

• Give clues when changing subject

• Be patient if response seems slow

• Stay positive and relaxed

• Talk to the person with hearing loss, not at them

• Offer respect to gain confidence

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