The Hearing Loss Revolution

How would it be if we declared a revolution on how we view our hearing loss and clearly understood that our hearing doesn’t define us in any negative way?

How would it be if we truly let go of the idea that hearing loss makes us stupid or disengaged?

How would it be if, instead of hiding our hearing aids and CIs, we proudly displayed our Gucci or Dior designer devices?

Imagine a world where the cost of hearing aids was affordable and public venues were all equipped with functioning assistive listening devices. Hearing loss will have lost its stigma.

We can make it happen by changing our attitudes about hearing loss.

This revolution must start with us!

About the Author, Pat Dobbs

IMG_0098My name is Pat Dobbs. I’ve had a hearing loss since I was 20. Through the years my hearing declined so much that in 2010 I received a cochlear implant. Today I hear in the average range, “Yahoo!”

Through the years I was embarrassed about my hearing loss, and I seldom told people about it. If I didn’t hear what someone said, I was much more likely to “fake it” than ask them to speak to me in such a way that I could hear them. Consequently, speaking to people became difficult and painful. I dropped out of more and more social situations, became isolated, and depressed.

But at one point, I stopped and asked myself, “Why don’t I just tell people I have a hearing loss?” After all, people talk to me so that I hear them, not so that I give the right facial expressions.

I realized that I needed to change my thinking and be clear that there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Out of these thoughts came the Hearing Loss Revolution and the Nine Guiding Principles.

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“Your philosophy needs to be screamed from the roof-tops – it is so important!” ~Bob W.

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